We are a firm of chartered accountants who work entirely in the Cloud, using the Internet to deliver services to our clients.  We have no office in the traditional sense of the term, just a virtual office at the Bicester Innovation Centre.  We talk with our clients using VOIP calls and email and hold all our client meetings on Zoom.  If you are looking for an accountant with a physical office where you can call into for a cup of coffee and a chat, then we are definitely not for you!  On the other hand, we can always drive over and see you if not too far away.  Flat white with no sugar, please.


My father, Harry, owned a small company making fireplaces on Anlaby Road in Hull.  Just him, his fellow director John (who was also my godfather), and two men, Bill and Ernie.  Harry had trained to be a Master Plasterer, working with his father, Mark, also a Master Plasterer, and his grandfather, William, yet another Master Plasterer. Harry's father-in-law, Herbert, owned a pub off Holderness Road in Hull, and Herbert's grandfather was a well-to-do picture-frame maker, again in Hull.  Herbert's wife was a Southwick and his mother was an Oxtoby, both well known East Yorkshire farming families.  So on both sides of my family I come from people who worked for themselves and owned small businesses.  One cousin owned the poulterers Oxtoby & Johnson, another cousin owned Hallers the shoemakers, both based in Hull, and yet another cousin owned Dartington Glass (ok, that side of my mother's family had had the fortune to marry an extremely rich American heiress, one of the Witney family!).

 Because of this background I grew up believing passionately in the virtue of the small business.  I helped my father almost every Saturday morning, and saw first hand the excellent help and advice he got from his accountant.  I  want to do the same for my clients.  There is so much potential in small businesses, just waiting to be unlocked. 


Here at my firm, Bambury & Co, we are not just bean counters reporting on past history, we are committed to our clients and their future success.

We know how business works and we understand the issues, very often painful ones, you face as a small business.  Our services are tailored to help you overcome these challenges.

In this digital age, Bambury & Co is leveraging the power of technology to deliver better services and better client experiences.

Technology is enabling us to ensure that we are able to offer all our clients not only compliance services, that is to say accounts and taxation work, but also business advisory services with confidence that it is the right and useful product for them,


In a nutshell, we solve your problems.

We know your problems come in all shapes and sizes.  For example, we keep coming across business owners who are petrified of numbers.  They see the numbers coming on their computer screens, but to them it is just double Dutch.  They have no idea what the numbers mean, so they turn to their accountants.  But so few accountants seem to be able to explain the figures in plain English.  They, the accountants, start using "accountant-speak": "depreciation", "tax reserve", "EBITDA", "sinking fund", "director's loan account", etc.  This usually results in the client being more confused and more fearful than ever.  Here at Bambury & Co we take the time to explain the figures to our clients in plain English and ensure that they understand what the figures mean.  Not to do this is in our view failing in the job we are being paid to do.

We use Xero to produce the figures, and now we have taken this one step further by using the Clarity platform, which closely integrates with Xero, to help us give meaning to your figures.

Accounting is the language of business - Warren Buffet

Though our partnership with Clarity, we are committed to help you gain a clear understanding of your numbers and how to make them better, develop step-by-step action and business development plans to build a better business, and, through the use of our structured online data room, access the cash funding and investment you need to grow and scale profitably.

By focusing on our value as your advisor, and by understanding your business and needs, we can tip the scales to make sure your business survives and thrives in today's competitive marketplace.

We offer an online complimentary hour long Proactive Accounting Meeting to all prospective clients during which we can work through some of the areas where we can help you and your business by reducing some of the pain we know you're feeling right now.  Before we put the Proactive Accounting Meeting into our diaries, we hold a short, 15 minute Discovery Meeting on Zoom with you so we can get an initial impression of each other and we can take some basic information from you.  To book a Discovery Meeting please click here.