I own and run a small firm of chartered accountants that works entirely in the Cloud, using the Internet to deliver services to my clients.  I have no office in the traditional sense of the term, just a small virtual office in the Bicester Innovation Centre for collecting mail.  I talk to my clients using VOIP calls and email, and hold almost all my client meetings on Zoom.  If you are looking for an accountant with a physical office where you can call into for a cup of coffee and a chat, then I am definitely not for you!  On the other hand, I can always drive over and see you if not too far away.  Flat white with no sugar, please.


I've always believed passionately in the virtue of the small business.  I helped my father, a builder, almost every Saturday morning, and saw first hand the excellent help and advice he got from his accountant.  I  want to do the same for my clients.  There is so much potential in small businesses, just waiting to be unlocked. 


Here at Bambury & Co, I am not just a "bean counter" reporting on past history, I am committed to my clients and their future success.

I know how business works and I understand the issues, very often painful ones, that you face as a small business.  After all, I have been running a small business myself for many years!.  My services are tailored to help you overcome these challenges.

Cloud technology enables me to offer all my clients not only "compliance services", that is to say the routine accounts and taxation work that all accountants offer, but also business advisory services with confidence that it is the right and useful product for them,


In a nutshell, I make your life easier.

Saving time, stress and money are three major aims for all small businesses. As a very experienced chartered accountant, I can help you with all three.  Many small businesses assume that accountants like myself are only needed at tax time, but that is far from the truth.  I can make your life easier when it comes to:

  • Managing cash flow - revenue often comes in ebbs and flows for small businesses, and so do expenses.  I can help you manage these so there's always money in the bank to cover both expected and unexpected costs.  It'll help ease your cash flow woes, a major stress factor for small business owners.
  • Budgeting - often small business owners don't have the time or the know-how to sit down and work out a detailed budget.  I can run through with you the benefits of having a robust budget in place - not only will it give you a better understanding of your bottom line, but it'll help identify how much money you can reinvest in the business and, importantly, what salary you can draw from it.
  • Getting debts in order - not all debts are bad, and as your trusted advisor, it's up to me to give your current debts a once over, recommending the best options for repayments and ensure you're not paying  too much in interest.  This is an area where my assistance is invaluable, as it can lead to significant cost savings.
  • Streamline workflows - creating and sending invoices, chasing unpaid ones and keeping track of expenses are often tasks dreaded by small business owners.  I can take this headache away from you by recommending smart, automated systems that relieve much of the strain.  As an accountant, I understand what systems work best for each unique business. 
  • Looking at the bigger picture - flying by the seat of your pants isn't a sustainable long-term strategy, but for small business owners who are knee-deep in operations, it's often difficult to step back and look at the bigger picture.  I can help you set realistic goals for your business's future and stay accountable.

I use Xero to produce accounts and tax returns for my clients. There is a wide range of apps that integrate with Xero to produce profit forecasts, cashflow forecasts, etc.

Accounting is the language of business - Warren Buffet

I am committed to help small businesses gain a clearer understanding of their numbers and how to make them better, how to develop step-by-step action and business development plans to build a better business, and how to access the cash funding and investment they need to grow and scale profitably.

By focusing on my value as your trusted advisor, and by understanding your business and needs, I can tip the scales to make sure your business survives and thrives in today's competitive marketplace.

I offer a free online GLOSS review to all prospective clients in which I can identify some of the areas where I can help you and your business by reducing some of the pain I know you're feeling right now.  GLOSS is an acronym standing for Goals, Location, Obstacles, Speed and Solution.

Before we put the GLOSS review into our diaries, I ask prospective to complete a short online Fact Finding form. This is so we can get an initial impression of each other and I can take some basic information from you.  To download the Fact Finding Form please click here.