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It’s always difficult to know what to say on the front page of a web site. I’m told I’ve got to grab your attention with the first paragraph. But how?

Do I say, “We’re absolutely fabulous and you’ll love working with us”? Yes, you’ll say, but that’s what all the other accountants say.

Do I say, “We use cutting edge cloud based technology that uses integrated AI techniques”? Yes, you’ll say, but all I want doing are my accounts and tax return – and some of the other accountants say that as well.

Do I say, “We’re a client focused practice that always goes the extra mile to help clients understand things”? Yes, you’ll say, but I really don’t understand what you mean – and a few of the other accountants say the same thing anyway.

So what is special about Bambury & Co Chartered Accountants?

In the sense that we produce accounts and tax returns, run payrolls and carry out monthly bookkeeping, what accountants refer to collectively as “compliance work”, then we’re not very different to other firms of accountants in that area. Our difference is that we’ve invested a lot of time and effort on the latest cloud and AI technologies so that irrespective of the number of clients we have or where they are located, not only are we always on the ball with compliance work but we can offer additional value added services to make running your business easier and more efficient. We use secure portals (not DropBox!) so that you can approve documents digitally, again saving time and making things easier for you.


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